SSP® for furry friends

If you know me, you know I have a few passions – nervous system regulation, music and dogs. I also love helping peopleI am excited to offer a combination of all of these passions as a way to help people and their pets live more peacefully together


If your pet is nervous or anxious, if they have experienced trauma that prevents them from fully relaxing around people or other animals, if they over-react to stimuli such as people walking by the house or everyday household noises, if they are overly excited and difficult to train, they almost certainly have a dysregulated nervous system.


The SSP was originally designed to regulate the human nervous system and bring us to a calmer, more grounded and connected state. Recent work with dogs and cats has shown it has similar effects on animals.


Julie used SSP with her very anxious dog, Sami. Please watch to hear what she has to say about it.

How the SSP® helped Sami

  • Reduced hyper vigilance 
  • Calmer at home
  • Barks less at animals and people passing in front of the house 
  • Deeper sleep
  • Better maintenance of eye contact with her human in stimulating environments
  • Much calmer on walks, even if there are animals or bicycles nearby 
  • Less reactive

A natural solution

Some options are currently available to you to help improve the symptoms I named above, including behaviour modification and medications. However, behaviour training will be most efficient if your dog is feeling calm and safe.

As an alternative to using medication to achieve this state, which can be costly and require you to maintain a rigid schedule over several years, it may be possible to regulate your dog’s nervous system naturally, with a lasting effect. This will very likely reduce time spent in dog training and potentially save you lots of money on medications over the long run.
The SSP was originally designed to help people with sound sensitivities regulate their nervous system through listening to specially filtered music. This music stimulates the vagus nerve, sending safety signals to the nervous system.

Over the years, some SSP providers have begun using the program on their pets, and have seen profound improvements in their behaviour and ability to connect with other animals and humans.

If you would like to read case studies of the effect of using the SSP with dogs, here is a link to a blog by an SSP provider in the US. She has several inspiring blog entries about working with dogs. Please feel free to explore!

The video above explains what   the SSP is and its effects on the nervous system.


To learn more about how SSP can help your animal (or you!), please book a discovery call with me. 




Before SSP: Indy would be jumping and biting as soon as my daughter or I walked through the door. He would growl when we wanted to get him off the couch or bed. Unable to be alone, needed to be stuck on us. He would follow us EVERYWHERE, even to the bathroom. He would bite in order to have us pet him and kept nipping/biting.

After SSP: Indy is now doing a lot better. He totally zones out when we do the sessions. At times, I have stopped the session as he falls asleep and snores. We have all seen such a difference in him. He does still jump on us when we enter, however it does not last as long. Also he is no longer destructive when in his crate.
Daly H.