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Become more resilient to stress and feel safer 

and more at home in your body, mind and soul.

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Connect with yourself through shaking.

Feel calmer, more centred, and more at home in your body. Improve your sleep, reduce anxiety, manage stress better and release chronic tension.

Learn to recognize your limits and set healthy boundaries.

Ceremonial Cacao

Connect with yourself through heart-opening ceremonial cacao.

Connect with yourself and your loved ones around a warm cup of some of the highest grade organic cacao in the world.

Grown with love in Peru.

Safe and Sound Protocol®

Connect with yourself through music.

Improve focus, reduce symptoms of stress and PTSD, reduce sensory sensitivities, and feel safer in relationships.

Reduce symptoms of chronic illness, including long COVID.

“My experience with Kate has been excellent. She holds a beautiful safe space with love and care. I was able to pay attention to parts of me that I could not see in my day to day and allow them to come to the surface to be embraced. Thank you Kate for your empathy and presence.”

Naran D.


Why work with me?

I am a certified TRE® provider, a certified SSP® provider and have been working with Ceremonial cacao as a support in my personal journey since 2018.

I have had a natural ability and inclination to teach since I was little, and my background teaching EcoBuilding and Permaculture not only honed my skills for explaining complex things in a simple way, but also enabled me to develop an ease and ability to facilitate individuals as well as both small and large groups.

My personal journey from burnout to resilience has given me the ability to hold a safe space to work with people in vulnerable emotional states. I work with understanding, sensitivity and patience.


If you’d like to know more about how TRE®, SSP® or Ceremonial Cacao can contribute to your sense of safety and wholeness while reducing stress, anxiety and depression, I invite you to book a discovery call with me. 

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