Deepen your connection to and understanding of yourself. Become more resilient to stress and feel safer and more at home in your body, mind and soul.

I work with three modalities - TRE® (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises), SSP® (Safe and Sound Protocol) and Ceremonial Cacao.

Connect to yourself through shaking, music and heart-opening cacao.

Who am I?

I am a certified TRE® provider, a certified SSP® provider, and have several years of experience teaching and facilitating groups in the context of my previous career in eco-building and Permaculture. I am also an official distributor of Aynua Ceremonial Cacao.


After many years of hard work building a house and emotional struggle due to multiple factors in my personal life, I experienced a burnout and a deep anxious depression that led me on a path of healing and self-discovery. During this period, I explored many different modalities, some of which proved to be extremely powerful supports in my healing process and helped me deepen my understanding of myself. Amongst those were TRE® and ceremonial cacao, both of which have been instrumental in helping me restore and build a stronger sense of self, of wellbeing, and of connection, both to myself and to others. 


My fascination with this journey continues to grow and deepen as I learn more about how the state of our nervous system affects our entire spectrum of experience, from how we think, to how we feel to how able we are to connect with others. The most recent addition to my offer is the Safe and Sound Protocol®. I am extremely excited to be offering multiple avenues to help people regulate their nervous systems in order to improve their general sense of wellbeing and capacity to show up in the world. 

"My experience with Kate has been excellent. She holds a beautiful safe space with love and care. I was able to pay attention to parts of me that I could not see in my day to day and allow them to come to the surface to be embraced. Thank you Kate for your empathy and presence."

Naran D.