cacao preparation - dose

Your cacao ceremony begins the moment you begin to prepare it. When you work with intention, cacao can bring tremendous benefits and insights to you, and uplift your mood.




The first step is to tune into your body and decide what dose you want. This may take a little time to learn intuitively, but as a general guideline, Aynua recommends using 6-8 discs (about 20 grams) for a creative dose, and 13-15 discs (about 40 grams) for a more intense and introspective journey. I recommend experimenting with what feels right for you, and to use your intuition each time you prepare a cacao.



Generally, I use about 125ml of water for a 6-8 disc dose, and a cup for a 13-15 disc dose. As with coffee, you can experiment with the amount of water to see how strong you like it.

cacao preparation - steps


Start by heating your water – try to avoid bringing it to a full boil. 



Meanwhile, melt your cacao in a metal or ceramic pot on very low heat. Once the cacao is fully melted, slowly stir in the water using a wooden spatula or a sauce whisk. 



You may want to take a moment here to set an intention or offer gratitude for those who cultivated, prepared and brought the cacao to you, to the cacao plant, the spirit of cacao, or whatever else comes to you in the moment. 



Once the water is fully integrated, cover the cacao and leave it on the heat for a few minutes until it begins to form a cream – being sure to remove it from the heat as soon as you see the first tiny bubbles begin to form. It’s important not to let the cacao boil, as it will lose some of its benefits and medicinal properties.



This is a good time to add anything you would like to spice up or flavour your cacao. You can have it plain or add spices, milks or the sweetener of your choice. My personal preference is plain with cinnamon and cardamom. 


serving your cacao

Whether you want to connect with cacao alone, with a friend or with a group, taking the time to create some intention can go a long way to creating a profound experience for you and others.

If you feel called to it, having a dedicated mug from which you always drink your cacao is a lovely way to create a ritual for yourself. In my experience, holding the same cup in my hands each time I sit with cacao sends a signal to my body and mind that helps me settle and connect. Though not at all necessary, you may find this to a be a lovey little detail that will bring extra intention to your sessions. As with meditating in the same room every day, the vibration of your intention will likely accumulate in your mug over time and enrich your experience with cacao.


Drinking cacao alone is a beautiful way to tap into your creativity, connect with your emotions and with nature, and can be a wonderful support for your introspective or meditative practises.


Drinking cacao with a loved one or in a group, when done with intention and care, creates a space of connection from the heart. You may find yourself opening up and connecting more deeply than you are accustomed to. 


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