SSP® pour animaux

If you know me, you know I have a few passions – nervous system regulation, music and dogs. I also love helping peopleI am excited to offer a combination of all of these passions as a way to help people and their pets live more peacefully together


If your pet is nervous or anxious, if they have experienced trauma that prevents them from fully relaxing around people or other animals, if they over-react to stimuli such as people walking by the house or everyday household noises, if they are overly excited and difficult to train, they almost certainly have a dysregulated nervous system.


The SSP was originally designed to regulate the human nervous system and bring us to a calmer, more grounded and connected state. Recent work with dogs and cats has shown it has similar effects on animals.


Julie a utilisé le SSP avec son chien Sami. Sami était très anxieuse avant, et a vu des bonnes améliorations suite à la première ronde d’écoute du SSP. 

Les bénéfices du SSP® pour Sami

  • Moins hypervigilante 
  • Plus calme chez elle
  • Jappe moins lorsqu’elle voit des passants devant la maison  
  • Dort plus profondément
  • Meilleur maintenance du contact visuel avec sa maîtresse en zone de stimulation
  • Beaucoup plus calme lors des promenades, même si elle voit des animaux ou des vélos sur le chemin
  • Moins réactive

A natural solution

Many options are available to you to help improve the symptoms I named above, including behavioural training and anti-depressants… However, these approaches are not getting to the source of the issue, and won’t help your animal feel safe and calm. They are band-aid solutions – they will help the symptoms, but won’t address their root cause

I propose a natural solution that will help regulate your animal’s nervous system through listening to highly specialized filtered music.

The Safe and Sound Protocol was originally designed to help people with sound sensitivities regulate their nervous system through listening to specially filtered music. Over the years, some SSP providers have noticed that playing the music for their animals has a profoundly calming and regulating effect on them, as well. 

The video above explains what   the SSP is and its effects on the nervous system.

To learn more about how SSP can help your animal (or you!), please book a discovery call with me. 


Before SSP: Indy would be jumping and biting as soon as my daughter or I walked through the door. He would growl when we wanted to get him off the couch or bed. Unable to be alone, needed to be stuck on us. He would follow us EVERYWHERE, even to the bathroom. He would bite in order to have us pet him and kept nipping/biting.

After SSP: Indy is now doing a lot better. He totally zones out when we do the sessions. At times, I have stopped the session as he falls asleep and snores. We have all seen such a difference in him. He does still jump on us when we enter, however it does not last as long. Also he is no longer destructive when in his crate.
Daly H.